In The Sheets Indie Spotlight - Sugar Skulls by M.R. Tapia*

Right out of the gate, I want to say that this cover is absolutely gorgeous. A.A. Medina did a phenomenal job on it.

While you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, feel free to do so with this one. It's as awesome on the inside as it is out.

Sugar Skulls is a great read that's both dark and thought provoking. 

"Life is a matter of death. Death is a matter of fact."

Micah DeAtta learns this as he awakens with Death seated across from him, whetting his sickle. Micah has no choice but to converse with Death in order to figure out his own demise. As their conversations become a battle of wits, Micah is forced to relive prominent deaths of family and friends before learning of his own. Each death happens in real time, each correlating with the nine levels of the Aztec underworld. Before it is said and done, Micah will have been forced to face his fears, his losses, and the fact that although life may be too short, death is forever.

If you're looking for something a little dark, unusual, and well written, I highly suggest picking up a copy while you can! You can grab a signed copy for pre-order from the Hindered Souls website.

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