In The Sheets Review - The Fallen (The Darkest Hand #2) by Tarn Richardson*

The Fallen feels like The Damned woke up, had it’s morning coffee (read “bourbon”), and is more ready to kick ass than it already was.

The Fallen is the the 2nd book in The Darkest Hand Trilogy by Tarn Richardson. 

While the first book was phenomenal, it mainly serves as an introduction to the series and characters. There's a lot of development and flashbacks, which in no way takes away from the story. You can read my full review of The Damned here, I loved every single minute  of it.

The Fallen however, is where the story really kicks off. You already know the universe and the cast of characters, now they've to come together for a battle not even Tacit could have been fully prepared for.

Given how much I thoroughly enjoyed The Damned, I was afraid the series would suffer in a way many trilogies do - middle book syndrome. More often than not, the second book in a trilogy feels like a lot of filler. Just a bridge to the next book. That's definitely not the case here. The Fallen feels like The Damned woke up, had it's morning coffee (read "bourbon"), and is more ready to kick ass than it already was.

Werewolves? Check.
Scary Demon Babies with Hooves? Check

I'm gonna have to stop it there because if I don't I know I'll ramble and spoil something, but if you loved The Damned, I promise that you'll love The Fallen even more.