In The Sheets Review - Last Seen by Rick Mofina*

Last Seen Rick Mofina
My new favourite book of Rick’s and potentially my favourite book so far of 2018.

As a long time reader and fan of Rick Mofina's I was beyond excited to get my hands on this arc of Last Seen, his latest stand alone crime thriller that goes on sale Feb 27th.

Anyone who knows Rick Mofina's work is familiar with the usual 3 or 4 book series that follows a crime reporter working to solve the various cases they become entangled with. In this new stand alone, a crime reporter's family becomes the case instead. 

Last Seen follows Chicago reporter Cal Hudson after the disappearance of his son, Gage. Together with his wife, Faith, they work with police against the clock knowing how crucial the first few hours are in any missing child investigation.

As things wear on, details emerge regarding both Cal and Faith forcing the investigation to take a dark and unexpected turn.

I was super happy to read something a little different from Rick Mofina and, to be perfectly frank, I think I've found my new favourite book of his and potentially my new favourite book of 2018. The year has just gotten started, but it's gonna be a hard book to beat. 


Pre-order $11.69 CAD (free shipping)